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The Best Vegan Fast Food Options

Taco Bell

Both vegetarians and vegans will appreciate the diversity of alternatives on Taco Bell’s plant-based menu. Test out the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme or the Veggie Power Menu Bowl for that classic Taco Bell flavor with a plant-based twist.

You can easily tailor your order if you’re vegan. Simply request any dish “Fresco style,” which substitutes chopped tomatoes for any dairy (such as cheese, sour cream, and sauces with mayonnaise) in the dish. For a vegan protein boost, you may also substitute beans for beef.

Food King

The King has you covered when it comes to the top fast food alternatives for vegans. There is now a vegan Whopper available thanks to Burger King’s introduction of their Impossible Burger. Just be sure to order without mayo and cheese. For the ultimate indulgence, choose apple pie for dessert and a side of fries.


With a few minor adjustments, creating a tasty vegan lunch at Subway is surprisingly simple. Start with the vegan versions of their classic wrap or Italian bread. Then gorge on a Beyond Meatball Marinara sandwich or a ton of fresh vegetables. (Hold the cheese, please!)


Because so many of their ingredients are vegan, Qdoba might be one of the greatest fast-food joints offering vegan options. Enjoy any of their rice, salsas, guacamole, or beans. Choose the vegan grilled fajita bowl or create your own!


Although Butterburgers and fried cheese curds are Culver’s most notable non-vegan offerings, the restaurant also offer a few vegan options. So roll on up to the drive-thru and get these favorites.


Try a freshly baked bagel (vegan options include cinnamon raisin, plain, everything, and sesame) or a slice of rich avocado toast. Grab the Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich without the egg or cheese for a heartier dinner, and serve it with a crispy hash brown.

Del Taco

Del Taco uses Beyond beef protein in their tacos and burritos, unlike other Mexican fast food eateries. It’s straightforward to make swaps here because their entire menu is made-to-order. To enhance the nutritious flavor of your meal, add salsa and fresh avocado.


The McPlant burger was ultimately introduced by McDonald’s to American consumers!

The McPlant is the restaurant chain’s first fake meat burger offered in the United States, and it is made with a pea protein patty. (Note: Although the burger is entirely vegan in the UK, it contains American cheese and mayonnaise that are not vegan. Additionally, the fries aren’t vegan because they have “natural beef flavor.”

There is no information on a potential expansion date, but experts say it’s likely that additional eateries will have it in 2022.

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

Visit Carl’s Jr. for a simple burger and fries when you’re hungry. The Beyond Famous Star Burger is now available, and the fries are vegan as well. To substitute the Beyond patty in any of their burgers, feel free. Keep in mind to leave off the cheese, mayo, and any other sauces as well.

Fruit Juice

Visit Jamba Juice for a paradise of plant-based foods. All of their vegan options, including their plant-based smoothies and the Impossible Sandwich, are prominently displayed (hold the cheese). It’s some of the best fast cuisine available, particularly if you’re in the mood for something wholesome and light in the morning.

Panda Express

You’re in luck if you visit a Panda Express in the upcoming weeks. On July 26th, the business will launch a plant-based version of its well-known orange chicken in collaboration with Beyond Meat.

According to chef Jimmy Wang, senior director of culinary innovation at Panda Express, “Panda has enormous brand ownership in this traditional American Chinese comfort dish” because it invented The Original Orange Chicken. In order to preserve the deliciously crispy texture of our signature dinner while yet providing customers with a plant-based alternative to the dish they know and love, we co-developed Beyond the Original Orange Chicken with Beyond Meat.

It will soon be made available in a few places in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and New York. You can still eat a plant-based lunch with the chain’s Eggplant Tofu and Green Mixed Vegetables while you wait for it to arrive in a restaurant near you.


Yes, even KFC has a vegan alternative! With remarkable success, the chain started experimenting with Beyond Fried Chicken in 2019, selling out in just five hours. The choice was formally included in menus all around the country on January 10, 2022.

It’s difficult to know you’re eating a plant-based choice because it’s made with pea protein and seasoned with KFC’s famous “finger lickin’ fantastic” flavors. The chicken nuggets share equipment (such fryers) with non-vegan products, despite the fact that the components are vegan.


Even though Wendy’s doesn’t have a vegan burger choice, if you’re prepared to get a little inventive, you can still assemble a meal there. If the butter, sour cream, and cheese are not used, the baked potato is vegan. For a quick lunch, include a mixed berry fruit cup and a garden salad (omit the croutons). Additionally, avoid the fries because they are prepared in the same oil that is used to fry the fish fillets.

Auntie Anne’s

Don’t forget about Auntie Anne’s when you just need a quick snack while you’re out and about. Their selection of vegan treats is astounding, and it includes their classic pretzels and pretzel nuggets. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, choose the cinnamon sugar pretzel instead. To be safe, ask the cashier for a pretzel that hasn’t been touched with butter.

White Castle

Anyone for vegan sliders? In place of meat, White Castle now sells its scrumptious tiny sliders with an Impossible patty. Make sure to request an unbuttered bread and to get it without the cheese. After that, savor by piling on your preferred vegan sauce!

Baskin Robbins

Although you might not think of Baskin Robbins when looking for vegan fast food, this dairy mecca has just started to offer some seriously delectable vegan options. A vegan chocolate chip cookie dough is always a safe bet, and the vegan coffee caramel chunk is bursting with rich flavor.

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