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Veggie Vacation Spots: 5 Cities For Great Vegan/Vegetarian Holidays

Those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavorful plant-based meals just because they’re on vacation. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a list of the 10 cities throughout the world that are the finest options for vegans.

1. London (England): A huge variety of vegan food

Since more and more people in London are adopting a plant-based way of life, the city of London is a fantastic destination for vegan and vegetarian travelers looking for a vacation. This is also reflected in the growing number of vegan eateries in the city, which stands at 137 as of right now. Visitors are drawn to Camden Market, for example, due to the large number of vegan food stalls that are located there. The rest of the city, on the other hand, is home to a large number of ice cream parlors that offer plant-based options, in addition to vegan catering companies, vegan bakeries, and the Soho Vegan Market, which sells plant-based delicacies.

Tip: The Temple of Seitan

Even before this plant-based eatery opened its doors at the beginning of 2017, the Temple of Seitan had already garnered considerable attention around the region. The menu features vegan fast food items such as plant-based burgers and wraps in addition to the vegan roast chicken that is the restaurant’s signature dish.

2. Berlin (Germany): The vegan heart of Europe

Berlin is the vegan capital of the world, with more than 70 vegan eateries, bistros, cafés, ice cream shops, and the like. The majority of vegan eateries are found in the hip neighborhoods, all of which are conveniently accessible by public transportation. In addition, a lot of eateries that aren’t vegan now provide plant-based options on their menus. The city’s vegan options are completed by a number of vegan grocery stores and shoe stores. Berlin is unquestionably the most vegan-friendly city in Germany because to all of these locations and the annual Vegan Summer Festival, which also draws tourists to the city.

Tip: Brammibal’s Donuts

Brammibal’s Donuts has three locations in Berlin, serving delectable doughnuts in the Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Neukölln neighborhoods. The bakery serves only vegan breakfast, coffee, and lunch in addition to a constantly-changing selection of vegan doughnuts.

3. New York City (United States): More than 60 vegan restaurants

New York City, long known as a city that is on the cutting edge of fashion, is also at the forefront of plant-based diet. You may look forward to a trip filled with vegan delicacies thanks to the city’s diverse selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and food options, which range from diners and diner-style restaurants to diners, gourmet restaurants, and bakeries. There are more than 60 vegan restaurants and approximately 80 vegetarian eateries in the city, which makes it become the hotspot for those who are vegans and vegetarians.

Tip: By Chloe

Chloe Coscarelli, a renowned chef and author of numerous cookbooks, is the person responsible for establishing the By Chloe restaurant brand. In addition to a wide selection of salads, the menu at By Chloe features a selection of plant-based sandwiches and pasta meals. Even typically American foods like burgers are available, but they are, of course, made entirely with plant-based ingredients.

4. Portland (Oregon, United States): Experience the vegan shopping centre

This lovely city has seventy restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs that are vegan or vegetarian, providing vegetarians and vegans with a wide variety of options to choose from. Additionally, Portland has been the host city for VegOut!, also known as the Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival, from the year 2015. A stage program featuring local bands and a DJ will accompany the colorful array of plant-based cuisine that will be prepared at the festival, with the emphasis being placed on using native products. You may also shop to your heart’s content for vegan clothing and body care items in Portland. Some examples of vegan body care products are shampoo, bath products, and make-up.

Tip: Vegan Mini Strip Mall

Even more impressive is the existence in Portland of a little shopping center that is composed entirely of vegan-friendly establishments. In addition to being a supermarket, the Vegan Mini Strip Mall also features a bakery, a fashion store, and a tattoo studio.

5. Tel Aviv (Israel): The vegan hub in the Middle East

More than four percent of people living in Tel Aviv identify as vegan, indicating that veganism is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice in the city. Mezzes are a variety of local appetizers, tabbouleh is a salad made with bulgur, and veggie kebabs are some of the delicious dishes that can be found in this city’s creative cuisine. Of course, you can get some of the best falafel in the world here, but the city’s creative cuisine has a lot more to offer thanks to its diverse mix of cultures.

Tip: Dosa Bar

If you are going to be in Tel Aviv, you absolutely must get a reservation at the vegan Dosa Bar so that you can indulge in some authentic Indian cuisine. In addition to dosas, which are pancakes that are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, the menu features thalis, which are assortments of different meals served on a tray, side dishes like plant-based koftas, and delectable desserts.

6. Warsaw (Poland): Meat-based Polish cuisine – veganised!

Vegans and vegetarians come from all over the world to visit Poland’s capital city because it has more than 30 vegetarian eateries and approximately 50 vegan establishments. In addition, there are a variety of vegetarian and vegan options available at numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars. There are eateries that specialize in Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as restaurants that serve food from the Middle East and Mexico, which are all considered to be vegan restaurants. In addition, there are two vegan supermarkets in Warsaw, as well as a store that sells organic vegan wine.

Tip: Vege Miasto

The traditionally very meat-heavy Polish cuisine has been veganized at a restaurant in Warsaw called Vege Miasto, which is one of the city’s most notable culinary attractions. Examples of plant-based variations of kaszanka and pierogi include ones that have a filling of tofu and spinach respectively. Additionally, there are items here that do not contain gluten. It is highly recommended that you go to Vege Miasto if you are going to be in the city of Warsaw.


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