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Thanksgiving Menu Recipes And Ideas For Vegan

It may seem challenging to create a vegan Thanksgiving feast when dairy products like cheese, butter, eggs, and milk are prohibited. A vegan Thanksgiving feast can be readily transformed into a wholesome variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes with a little creative thinking.  Additionally, many recipes may be easily veganized by filling your kitchen with the appropriate vegan fats, stocks, plant-based milks, and other ingredients. You can find the best vegan Thanksgiving meals on our menu, including umami-rich vegan mushroom gravy and healthy vegan alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Vegan Starters

Giving your Thanksgiving dinner guests a hearty spread of vegan appetizers is the ideal approach to make them feel at home. Consider sticking to straightforward dishes that are both tasty and healthy. Hummus, bean dip, vegetable crudité platters, and toasted almonds are all guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

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Dried black beans, which have a fuller, richer taste than canned black beans, are the basis of the delectable dip known as black bean dip. They do take a while to cook, but it’s definitely worth the extra work. Simply leave out the cheese that is sprinkled on top of the dip to completely veganize this dish. You can get packaged plantain chips at supermarkets like Whole Foods.

Citrus, Fennel, and Rosemary Olives: A colorful assortment of olives provides a beautiful and simple snack for hungry Thanksgiving guests. They are addictive, briny, and tasty. By combining them with fresh herbs, lemon rind, and garlic, you can highlight the wide range of flavor profiles of olives, from Kalamata to Picholine.

Chestnut Hummus: Whether it’s a conventional dish or inventive twist, hummus is a fantastic snack for vegans that can be done up in numerous ways. This ingenious variation transforms chickpeas and tahini into a fall-inspired snack by adding robust chestnuts. Serve with pita chips and raw vegetables.

Vegetarian Side Dishes

You can get wholesome vegan variations of classic recipes like mac & cheese and gravy for Thanksgiving.

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Crunchy Greens with Radish: A light side dish that perfectly complements heavier entrees, this salad is crisp and full of brilliant colors and textures. Here, we heap crisp watermelon radishes, quick-pickled shallots, and fresh romaine lettuce leaves on top of each other.

In this simple vegan Thanksgiving side dish, sage-roasted carrots and turnips elevate peppery baby turnips and pleasantly sweet carrots. By adding homemade tahini sauce or even Thanksgiving cranberry sauce to the dish, you can take it a step further.

Simple Blistered Broccolini: Prepare the broccolini by trimming it ahead of time, but wait to cook it. This broccoli cooks rather rapidly under the broiler and gets the florets a crispy sear from a brief blitz. Arrange on a fancy oval dish with fresh lemon wedges for a stunning display.

This vibrantly colored salad made with roasted kabocha and kale is the ideal autumnal dish. Tossing delicate, roasted kabocha squash with tangy-sweet vinaigrette, dried cranberries, and green lacinato kale elevates the Japanese pumpkin variety’s sweet potato-like flavor.

Vegan gravy: This umami-rich vegan gravy, which combines mushrooms with soy sauce for rich and hearty flavors, is thickened with flour. Try topping Tofurky Thanksgiving roast or vegan mashed potatoes with a spoon.

Roasted Cranberries and Grapes with Rosemary: This simple cranberry sauce is a welcome departure from convention and is full of lively textures and tastes. To extract a more potent, roasted sweetness, broil the cranberries and black grapes until they are softened and just beginning to blister.

Vegan Filling

Look for a recipe for vegan stuffing that uses hearty whole grains, meaty mushrooms, and other flavorful vegan ingredients. It can be challenging to find a stuffing recipe that uses bread because many rely on butter to enhance taste and eggs to bind components.

Farro, Caramelized Onion, and Wild Mushroom Stuffing: This flavorful whole grain stuffing develops flavor in stages. First, we cook the nutty grain in a broth flavored with porcini and caramelized onions, and then we add shiitake mushrooms and fresh sage that have been sautéed in white wine.

Quinoa and Parsley Salad: This vibrant grain dish combines nutty quinoa with crunchy celery, sweet dried apricots, toasted pumpkin seeds, and mild green onions. You are welcome to substitute any of the components with ones you already have on hand, such as a different dried fruit or toasted almonds in favor of the pumpkin seeds.

Butternut Squash, Red Onion, and Almond Stuffing with Farro: If you substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock in this whole-grain stuffing recipe, you can simply turn it vegan. Cooking the farro in a superior vegetable stock will add savory, aromatic tastes.

Wild Rice Dressing with Roasted Chestnuts and Cranberries: Dried cranberries lend a tart-sweet flavor to this wild rice stuffing, which is made robust by the starchy texture and mild sweetness of the roasted chestnuts. Use vegetable broth and non-hydrogenated vegan butter, such as Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread, in place of the unsalted butter to make the dish vegan.

Veggie breads

Vegans must avoid traditional Thanksgiving breads like cornbread, biscuits, popovers, and quick breads. While it may be difficult to obtain vegan bread without butter and eggs, there are fortunately many ways to make bread with plant-based ingredients. Two delicious vegan bread recipes are provided below that are ideal for your breadbasket.

Vegan Cornbread: With the ideal vegan cornbread recipe, we’ve hit gold. You wouldn’t realize there isn’t a drop of butter in this wonderful, nourishing, and soul-soothing dish. The answer is to use high-quality non-hydrogenated vegan butter, like Earth Balance, which melts evenly and has a clean buttery flavor.

Herbed Breadsticks: Pizza dough is fully vegan-friendly because it only contains flour, salt, olive oil, and water. Breadsticks made from this versatile dough can be made quickly and with great results. Here, fresh herbs are combined with homemade or store-bought dough (as you want), and before baking, a generous amount of olive oil is added.

Vegan Turkey

Don’t let the absence of turkey stop you from preparing a stunning main dish to serve as the table’s focal point. There are several vegan turkey substitutes to choose from for Thanksgiving, including entire roasted cauliflower and stuffed squash.

VIEW GALLERY: Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes

roasted whole cauliflower topped with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts A striking table centerpiece is roasted entire cauliflower that has been crisped up. The mild flavor of this adaptable vegetable blends well with a wide range of flavors, so almost any side dish will go well with it.

Jackfruit Potpie: This delicious vegan take on the classic chicken pot pie has shredded jackfruit for a meaty texture and vegan-friendly puff pastry for a crusty top.

Prepare yourself for some serious culinary inventiveness with the butternut squash crown roast. Here, roasted butternut and acorn squash are transformed into a gorgeous vegan main dish that is both aesthetically pleasing and delectable. For the ultimate plant-based delight, a ring of soft, juicy squash bakes with a vegan stuffing inside.

Buttery-sweet acorn squash halves are the ideal carriers for a variety of savory fillings, including healthy grains, roasted nuts, and fresh herbs. Acorn squash with Sage-Cranberry Rice Stuffing. For a small group, this recipe, which makes two squash halves, is ideal.

Pistachio-topped soup with tahini and carrots: A hearty soup with calming autumnal flavors serves as the delectable centerpiece of your feast. Tahini is used in this sophisticated, flavorful soup as a vegan alternative to heavy cream to give the base of pureed carrots and vegetable stock more body.

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