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Things You Might Want To Know About Vegan Drinks

About Vegan Drinks

Nowadays, a growing number of people choose to live vegan lifestyles. Many do it to protect the animals and therefore the earth, while some do it for health-related reasons. Numerous people have adopted vegan diets for ethical and cultural reasons as well.

Vegan diets include both vegan drinks and vegan foods. There are a ton of beverages in your store that are labeled as vegan beverages, and if they are not, you can always check the ingredients to discover the huge variety of beverages you can enjoy.

What drinks are vegan?

Unless otherwise noted, almost all of the beverages in your supermarket’s drink aisles are vegan. However, many drinks may contain honey, milk and milk derivatives made from animals, as well as other non-vegan components. These substances may play a significant role in the production of the drink even when they are not directly involved in flavor enhancement.

If you believe that a beverage is not vegan merely because it contains milk or other dairy products derived from animals, you need to reconsider. Some beverages with an orange tint contain gelatin, which is made from collagen produced from animal sources. Since many alcoholic beverages use animal proteins for clarification, remnants of animal proteins may be present. Even red drinks with a red hue can be available on grocery shelves that include cochineal, an insect-derived food coloring. Sometimes it’s also important to consider the components of concentrated juices. You should be extra cautious when examining the ingredients because the juice that is pulp-free might or might not have been distilled from non-vegan sources.

Why Select Vegan Beverages?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to live vegan lifestyles. Many have switched to it in order to save animal life and so make our earth a better and more compassionate place to live.

Advantages of vegan beverages

A vegan beverage is the ideal addition to a vegan lifestyle and offers a number of advantages:

  • Drinks made from vegan ingredients may result in a decreased BMI (Body Mass Index), which lowers the risk of obesity. Many health experts and fitness professionals advise choosing vegan beverages throughout the day to lose weight since they keep us healthy and satisfied without supplying us with excess fat that often comes from milk products derived from animals.
  • Vegan drinks are healthier for the heart even as compared to vegetarian drinks (that have animal milk in them) (that have animal milk in them). Drinking vegan beverages is associated with lower blood pressure and levels of LDL cholesterol, which protects the health of our hearts.
  • Choosing a vegan beverage benefits animals. Due to their decision to not make animals suffer for their food and beverages, vegans on average save 200 animals a year.
  • Vegan dinners are less common than vegan drinks. So, if you lead a vegan lifestyle and are traveling, carrying a bottle of a vegan beverage will help you stay hydrated and receive the energy you need without going crazy. A vegan beverage, after all, has a far longer shelf life than a vegan food.

Vegan Drinks List

Vegan beverages are available everywhere, whether you’re ordering green tea at your local café, picking up a bottle of juice in the supermarket aisle, or making an unlimited supply of smoothies at home with soy or almond milk (or many other varieties of non-dairy milk). You can consume vegan energy drinks, as well as a wide variety of other beverages like soft drinks, cocktails, ciders, and even protein shakes. There are several vegan drink choices that you can enjoy wherever you are, despite the temptation to hunt for a vegan trademark while purchasing a bottle of sports drink or soda.

Vegetarian energy drinks

Check the ingredients of any energy drink you choose from your neighborhood supermarket. Most likely, it is vegan. The only hard thing is that taurine, a naturally occurring chemical found in fish and large animal intestines, renders its use non-vegan. The good news is that taurine is man-made, synthetic, and completely safe for vegans in almost all energy beverages (unless specifically indicated) like Red Bull.

Vegetarian soft drinks

Even though the vast majority of soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Pepsi Max, etc., are OK for vegans, there are some that are unsuitable, such as Diet Pepsi, despite being approved for use by vegetarians. According to some soft drink manufacturers, fish gelatin, which is used to stabilize beta-carotene color, is present in small amounts in some of their products. When selecting a soft drink you are unsure of, it is best to check the ingredients list or look for a Vegan Trademark.

Vegan protein beverages

The vital proteins our bodies require cannot be missed if animal-based items are avoided. A decent vegan protein drink is one that is produced from plant-based foods, such as grains, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds, which almost all of which include proteins.

Vegan Alcoholic Beverages

Egg whites, casein, and gelatin can be used to prepare some alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine. As a result, you must be extremely careful while selecting your alcoholic beverages.

Who would have guessed that something consisting of apples, grapes, and yeast could yet be considered non-vegan? Because they include residues of animal ingredients, some wines are not vegan. Fining is the process of introducing animal-based products to hazy wines in order to make them clearer. However, several wineries have started using synthetic or other alternatives to create a wine that is 100% vegan as a result of the growing vegan community.

Vegan-friendly Cocktails

Due to the increasing number of vegans, it is simple to get vegan-based cocktails and mixed drinks, and you can even manufacture mixed drinks at home. As many alcoholic beverages contain residues of animal products, all you need to do is make sure the alcohol you are using is vegan. Cranberry Mojito Punch, Blood Orange Margarita, Cucumber Gin Martini, and several blended Vegan Beers are a few notable examples of vegan mixed drinks.

Vegan Sports Beverages

Sports drinks, which should be a mixture of minerals and electrolytes, are carefully developed to keep athletes and fitness enthusiasts hydrated during their rigorous exercises, but they cannot ensure that their beverages are entirely vegan. Some sports beverages, like Gatorade, claim to be vegan, however the dairy industry is attempting to market chocolate milk made from animal products as a sports drink!

If you are unsure whether a particular sports drink is vegan or not, check the label or, better yet, prepare your own.

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